LIFE WITHOUT....a poem from my heart & soul

Life without true love is similar to Rose without fragrance.

Life without Parents is similar to House without roof.

Life without an eternal Teacher is similar to Car without a trained driver.

Life without true friends is similar to an Oyster without Pearls.

Life without Children is similar to Tree without fruits & flowers.

Life without good health is similar to extinguishing Candle or Lamp

Life without Happiness is similar to Cake without sweetness.

Life without Aim is similar to Journey without a destination.

Life without Respect is similar to Pearl without luster.

Life without Fun & frolic is similar to Lemon without juice


Rushi said...

Agreed. :) From a long time I wasn't able to find a serene blog such as yours. So was quite happy with my own. I do share similar interests as yours like writing poems, articles and sketching, though hvn't explored the commercial aspect of it yet. I hope you visit my blog and whether like it or not, plz do leave your comments. :)

Arulraj said...

Hii your blog is looking good. Thanks for sharing this information and keep posting.
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